Make the Last Resume They’ll Bother Reading

The world has changed.

You can’t win lucrative jobs as a ServiceNow initiate anymore.

The job market becomes more competitive every month.

Covid changed the model, and more companies are looking wider for talent at lower prices.

Only those who stand out will win lucrative opportunities quickly.

And you want to know the crazy part? The average resume in the ServiceNow space is terrible.  Over the past year I’ve reviewed over a hundred resumes, and thrown out at least half before finishing.

Don’t be the resume that gets thrown out.  Be the resume that fast tracks an interview.

The good news is, the average resume is a terrible boring chore to read.  Its never been easier to have a dominant resume.

Isn’t it time you lead the race to the most lucrative ServiceNow opportunities?

With HIRED! you’ll learn:

  • What all people look for, no matter what’s in the job description
  • How to optimize for any ServiceNow role
  • How to tell a compelling story about your journey
  • The ultra common habbits that KILL interest and land your resume in the trash
  • How to handle employment gaps
  • How to interview and negotiate
  • Non-resume documents you can provide

All delivered in easily consumed video content.

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